Amber Heard To Join Aquaman as Queen Mera!

The James Wan directed Aquaman film for DC and Warner Brothers is turning out to be a movie to get excited about and you can start getting even more excited because it appears the beautiful Amber Heard is joining the cast as Aquaman’s powerful queen and wife.

For those of you who aren’t buried in Aquaman comics like yours truly – read Aquaman’s New 52 run it’s incredible – Mera is a powerful enchantress who can control water as well as manipulate it in all different ways to her benefit. Not only is she powerful, but she is written to be the calming influence as well as the voice of Atlantean reason for Arthur Curry (Aquaman) as he struggles with deciding where his allegiance stands. Along the way, she then realizes that there are parts of humans that she finds endearing and the rest of the time she sees them as the corrupt and vile beings that they are.

Where and when she will be seen for the first time is unknown, but her involvement is promising for the production of Aquaman and is holding no characters back.



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