Hail, Caeser (2016) Gets A Much Funnier Second Trailer – Trailer Review

Could this be anymore of Coen Brothers film? Yeah probably not, but that’s actually a compliment because I myself was mouth open laughing for this whole trailer’s run time and pray that the film is exactly like how this trailer perceived it to be.

Obviously the Coens are skilled at attracting the highest level of talent in the business and it’s clear that Ralph Fiennes is one of the most underrated thespians we have working today. When we hear the line he reiterates over and over again you get the stress that would go into saying that, but he does it without hesitation each time. Wow.

The plot is still vague but oddly intriguing and seems to center around old school Hollywood and a kidnapping – which the Coens seem so fond of in their movies – with some returning talent to their newest picture like Clooney, Brolin, and probably some other people. February is gearing up to be a fun movie month so stay tuned for more!


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