An Open Letter to the Cynical Movie Fan

Hi folks,

My name is Travis Gunn, creator of this average movie blog site. I want to write to those with acid for saliva and pessimism for their everyday mood. We all have something in common here on The Gunn Range and those are movies. Cinema is something we’ve agreed upon as an escape for the world around us and we choose to pay admission to delve into a completely new world every week or so, but the pessimism still lives on. Our standards for movies will always differ, no matter the people, and that’s what makes film so everlasting, but in a world of hipsters, internet geniuses, and pretentious ignorance social media parasites raining on our parades, we have become spoiled with great films and you don’t even know it.

You complain about lack of originality, but forget there is a whole realm of films full of original stories and actors you fail to see. You assume film has fallen to waste side of the so called “monsters” that are destroying the world of cinema when in reality, it’s you. Why complain about big budget films when you don’t have to see them? There are small budget indie films being made every second waiting for people like you to view them, but instead of helping an underground art-form you put your energy into picketing Hollywood sequels that aren’t even meant for you. You have the abilities to watch and read reviews of films you may or may not enjoy to help you determine what’s worth seeing, but you are still not satisfied.

Even though you may dislike larger budget or “mainstream” films, do you realize it is because of those films, smaller films can even exist? And did you realize that from the indie genre of film making better stories in the mainstream can be told? What do you want from your movies folks?!

There are more films being made now than there have been in our history and we have access to nearly all of them, how is that a bad thing? If you want superhero movies, you get them. If you want a melodrama about social issues, you can get them. If you want both of those combined, you can somehow get them. Now, it’s up to you to go out of your way to support the art and the artists by supporting movies you love and not bashing other films in the process. Most great directors and actors eventually delve into both levels of the film world only to realize which side they more or less belong on, but you don’t have to be that limited. Stop pitying yourselves!

Movies are not suppose to accurate nor are they suppose to please just you. Every film maker wants for their films to be financially and critically successful and if you think otherwise you probably think water isn’t a liquid too. You don’t have to like everything, but I think we as film fans need to get that movies are prosperous and plentiful and will continue to be that way so long we are having discussions like this and tickets are getting sold. Your cynical nature and predisposed thoughts on a film you’ve barely even cracked the surface of is unfair to both yourself and the films you see and ruins the film going experience for you that much more.

Remember movie goers, you have the choice feel how you feel, and I can’t change that, but you yourself should consider giving films their dues and allow them to marinate before you throw stones in a glass house.

-Travis Gunn


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