The GunnRange’s Top 10: Best Films of 2015

There are just too many films for one guy to see, but I’ve seen plenty of films to compile a list for now. Award season is coming up and we have plenty of award caliber films to recognize. Sadly, much of our favorite films of the year aren’t all “worthy” of these prestigious awards. Thankfully, good movies have their audiences who love and adore them like the shy kid in school.

Now, just because we are friends with the shy kids doesn’t mean we don’t have loud and high energy people we like to hang out with. Like people, there are different types and styles of films out there that hit me and audiences around the globe a certain way and I want to highlight the best films of 2015 (So Far…) and see the responses you might all have in the comments below.

10. Straight Outta Compton: Even I was skeptic about this films conception. The fear was the thought of this movie becoming a BET Original Movie that falls to low quality and slanderous stereotypes, but thankfully I was wrong. What a fantastic biopic that captured the truths of N.W.A. and the prejudice and racism towards a culture and time in history that was heard through the voices of four brothers with attitude.

9. Dope: Funny, surprising and highly original, California was shown more love in this comedy/drama about three “nerdy” teenagers who don’t fit in with their peers in Inglewood and are at the wrong places at the worst times. It has one of the best classic hip hop soundtracks we’ve heard in a long time and hits us with the knowledge revolving around breaking the mold and accepting what you are.

8. Inside Out: Pixar is a master studio that seems to do little wrong with their movies and the impact of their latest masterpiece has made both adults and children cry. It was able to entertain us while teach us something most people forget and that’s to let the emotions flow naturally. It’s colorful and full of brilliant ideas and characters and delivers as a film that can crack tough exteriors of adults and children alike.

7. Sicario: A film that appears to be getting snubbed of many of the prestigious awards – for some odd reason – had Benicio del Toro in an award worthy performance as a hit-man counter the side of Emily Blount’s well realized character. It’s gritty and shot with the eyes of the great Roger Deakins with the direction of an underrated director Denis Villeneuve. It’s brutal and heart pounding suspense that feels like a beautiful train wreck of events you can’t look away from.

6. Brooklyn: One of the many surprise hits with this critic, Brookyln brought a beautifully inspired tale of an Irish immigrant to the borough of Brooklyn during the times of Ellis Island and new beginnings. It was a classic period piece that had heart, humor, and humility while never pandering away from it’s main focuses and it created one of the years best.

5. The Hateful Eight: Tarantino returns to his play-like western that has both an overture and an intermission, oh, and it also has Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell. The 70mm brought a classic feel to the already gorgeously shot film and the writing will likely give Tarantino another Original Screenplay nomination, if not the statue itself.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: It is officially the dawn of a new era of sci-fi/fantasy and we have Star Wars to thank yet again. Polarizing for more than I ever imagined, it brought the values and elements of the original trilogy along with some new characters to revive what was considered a nearly corrupted franchise. Let’s not forget the fact that this was simply one of the many great movie experiences you’ll ever have.

3. The Martian: Ridley Scott’s return to prominence as well as Matt Damon giving one of the best performances of his career, The Martian was a nearly flawless piece of entertainment that proved sci-fi doesn’t have to be all distopian futures and war and depressing plot-lines, but instead it can be a fun and optimistic tale of survival and humor.

2. Creed: Being near the great city of Philadelphia, Creed holds a very special space in my heart. The respect Ryan Coogler gave the previous Rocky films as well as the city of Philadelphia made for one of the most compassionately made films of 2015. The performances were stellar, the music pumped us up and nostalgia ran as hard Adonis in South Philly streets.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road: When you go to a film with an understanding of its previous source material, you have certain expectations, but nothing could have prepared me for the thrill ride that was Mad Max: Fury Road. Arguably one the most exhilarating movies to see in theaters, the visuals looked to near perfection with prove that the best CGI are the ones you never see. Hardy is great as Max, but Furiosa took the cake as coolest character.


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