Where Does “The Force Awakens” Rank With the Other Star Wars Films?

The hot topic in the world has and will always be Star Wars. The film has already made one billion dollars in ten days – a world record for fastest film to one billion – and is only rising in profit without having opened in China yet!

If you don’t know, China is usually the largest oversees money maker for films and tends to skyrocket the foreign ticket sales because, well, there’s f**k ton of people in China.

Since the films inception only a couple weeks ago, fans have tried to determine their levels of love for the movie and I for one am confident to put it above the three prequels combined, others not so much. There are absolutely fans of the prequels and the conceptual brilliance of Episodes I-III but people like myself see it through a lens detailing the poor execution, not the ideas that didn’t pan out. Because of this, ranking The Force Awakens has been the internet communities mission for the last two weeks and I want to help break it down.

While TFA does borrow from the original films with clear inspiration drawn from all three originals throughout, it had to be that way due to the stench of the prequels on many fans noses. Once Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, there was nothing more than a collective sigh from the globe as the people became unsure if they’d want to see anymore Star Wars films and if they did, would they want Disney to be the studio to bring it back. Here’s what Disney did right:

  • They brought on a talented director
  • They went to the well of unknown talent (as a whole) to get their leads
  • And they made sure to learn from their mistakes

There’s a planet size pressure of the cast and crew of TFA because they film’s can’t afford another crap pile like we were given for most sections of the prequels (though there are some redeeming qualities) and that’s why they had to remind us that this is the return of a Star Wars that changed the world. It was a dosage of new and old that brought emotional depth to a story that nearly lost it with Episodes I-III. Ranking the originals, many put Empire at number one, A New Hope second, and Return of the Jedi third. The prequels, for me at least, go in the order of Revenge of the Sith, The Phantom Menace (Jar Jar Binks not helping the cause), and Attack of the Clones minus the scenes of Anakin raging out over the death of his mother.

The Force Awakens is not the best Star Wars film, but it pumped blood and oxygen to something we believed would stay in a Jar Jar filled coma for years to come, like Han in Carbonite. The Force Awakens has to be recognized as a fun, sci-fi/fantasy that both modernized and kept true to what Star Wars is and that’s why it ranks at a respectable number three spot over Return of the Jedi. Of course, lists are subjective, but comparing and contrasting what we have in front of us, I’d say The Force Awakens backs a way heavier punch compared to Jedi and rekindles a flame that could cook Darth Vader… Like in the end of Jedi.

How would you rank the Star Wars films I-VII? Have you seen The Force Awakens and did you like it? Let me know in the comments and share this on all social medias and check me out on social medias @ thegunnrange.


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