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The Force Awakens *SPOILER REVIEW* – Spoiler Movie Review

DISCLAIMER: I will talking in detail the plot points that happened in the latest Star Wars film. If you wish to read a *spoiler free* review —> The Force Awakens *SPOILER FREE* Review

To start off this spoiler filled review, I want to preface this by stating that I enjoyed the movie the first time and liked it even more the second time. People will always have differing opinions and the fact this is Star Wars makes it all the tougher to evaluate for a general populous but I will do my best spoiling the crap out of this movie.

The film starts off with a introduction that all Star Wars movies are iconic for and that is the opening crawl detailing the story that is soon to come. Our story begins with the crawl detailing the missing whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, a character every fan has been asking about. Alas, he is nowhere to be found and it was the right thing to do to not incorporate Luke anywhere in the marketing because he wasn’t in the film for more than a minute (literally) and was only spoken about in passing. The film’s true lead and central character is Rey (Daisy Ridley) and her journey to discover what her future holds as a young scavenger waiting for “someone to pick her up” from the planet she calls home.

You don’t think about it as consistently as the story goes on, but there is plenty of foreshadowing to Rey’s presence with the Force early on as well as possible clues as to where her family tree is rooted. I’m talking about the obvious choice and it rhymes with Flytalker. This movie brings us the family dynamics that we were given through every incarnation of Star Wars while staying true to the original sources without completely copying the plot to a point that it is nearly a remake. That being said, there were parts of this that were either unnecessary additions or shockingly uneventful moments that slowed down the film’s emotional tug beyond the biggest heartbreak scene of them all… I’ll get to that later.

One of the multiple agreements I share with people that have seen the film revolve around the Star Killer base also known as the third Death Star to many fans. Glossed over like laminated paper and equally as thin when it comes to set up and demise, there isn’t much that could considered impressive by this planet killing death weapon. That is where most fans consider the film to be like A New Hope rather than the rest of the story due to the borrowing of an idea that was done two previous times. What had never been done was a bad-ass female Chrome Trooper, but even that was sort of a bust for film goers.

Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma was someone fans were intrigued to see. A statuesque chromed out Storm Trooper played by a talented and powerfully presented woman is something tough to not be intrigued about. It will come to a disappointment to us all knowing that the film only shows two scenes with her in them and not once does she seem like an interesting character. The fact that Abrams didn’t kill off her character proves to me that they are saving her as well as Kylo Ren for something far bigger than what we were given. Because of such a plethora of new antagonists gracing us with their presence on screen, you have to imagine they are gearing up for something far bigger than what we previously assumed. What makes the future for the new Star Wars characters is not what legacies they have to uphold, but what ways they are going to cement theirs and whether it be the villains like Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren or the scarred up Supreme Leader Snoke, we can only wait to 500 days (plus change) for Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII.

Han Solo’s death, was it good or was it bad? Which ever emotion you pick, I think it’s safe to assume the feeling we all have borders on sorrow and lack of surprise. It’s difficult to fathom a timeless hero dying in a story of any kind, but the key to it all is realizing that Han is indeed timeless. The “I am your father” style death he was given was equally as nostalgic as The Empire Strikes Back but had an even deeper impact on young and old fans alike because we’ve all been able to analyse the character of Han Solo, but even more so in his final film.

The Force Awakens will likely not go down as the best Star Wars film of this new trilogy simply because of the anticipation being so elevated, but that can only mean are tempers will fizzle out and are expectations can level out. Let us hope that Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII can do what Empire did for us for so many years and bring the series to a new height of fantasy/sci-fi storytelling and grow on what J.J. was able to breathe life into. The stories that can/will unfold with Rey, Finn, Chewbacca, Luke, and the rest of the galaxy will be worth the wait and to help ease our addictions we are getting “Star Wars Stories” – which should have stayed under the title of “Anthology Films” – every other year from the looks of it.



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    • We’ll that’s one of the biggest compliments I’ve probably been given when it comes to my writing so thank you for that! But yeah the best we can do to make me more popular is to share and like my post haha. I hope you keep reading the reviews!


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