“Star Trek: Beyond” (2016) Trailer Has A Beastie Boys Song In It… – Trailer Review

Justin Lin is a fun director and has done some enjoyable films, but when it comes to something as fanatical as Star Trek, you’d best respect the material and the song is appropriate for what happened with this trailer, Sabotage.

With scenes as jumbled and jumpy as the song in the background, this trailer gave us no insight as to what the heck this movie is even about. What does the “Beyond” part of the title even mean at this point?

What I did manage to see from the trailer was an entertaining and visually respectable film that might turn out to be far better than it’s trailer, or that’s the hope, but whoever green-lit the cluster(f-word) style of this trailer should be relieved of their duties. A trailer is supposed to give the feel of the film in a span of time that’s below two minutes, not feel like a fan made spoof.

I wish I could tell you what the heck the plot of the film is but I can’t. Thankfully, the last two films from J.J. Abrams were entertaining and pleasantly surprising for non-Trekkers like myself and produced respectable and well conceived ideas, even if hardcore Star-Trek fans thought otherwise.

The Beastie Boys did not belong here. The actors and make-up seem wonderful as does the CGI, but how is this supposed to get us excited?



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