“Independence Day 2: Resurgence”: Color Me Shocked Because I Like This Trailer

Whether you admit it or not, the first Independence Day film is one of the all time great guilty pleasures. Aliens invade earth on the day of America’s independence and Will Smith punches an alien and Jeff Goldblum does what he does best, be Jeff Goldblum. This trailer shocked me in the best ways because the film actually looks incredibly entertaining.

What this trailer affirms for us is that this sequel will be larger than life and set in motion a new wave of sci-fi action with epic proportions. Besides a reluctant Will Smith (who’s not returning to the film) everyone else that survived in the original film is set to make a return with the additions of some new handsome faces. It makes the film feel like a science fiction based video game that would actually work as well as telling a unique story on the aftermath of the invasion from the first film.

This is what a trailer should do. It shouldn’t show every detail of the story but it should also hook us into what will happen throughout the film. Emmerich has been a director that has been credited for making such large scale productions that have made money, but with those large scales came small amounts of exceptionally intense storytelling, not that we are expecting that from Independence Day of course, but it wouldn’t hurt.


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