The Apocalypse is upon us in the newest X-Men film and it looks amazing.

It looks like Bryan singer has done it again with another astounding looking X-Men film and he has brought the biggest baddie audiences have seen on screen to date, the first mutant, a god among gods, Apocalypse.

For awhile, fans and myself feared that they messed up the already cool look of the titular villain, but clearly Fox heard us and did some touching up of his aesthetics. Oscar Isaac – will be playing Poe Dameran in The Force Awakens – looks to be the scene stealer of this film and will bring power and intellect to a role that requires nothing short of power and intellect.

The quotes are enough to get you as juiced up as Apocalypse himself (because he grows when he wants to) and you can see why. The music, the visuals, the cast, and the director are reasons to be excited and we are.

The film comes out May 27th (2016).


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