The photos and posters released yesterday could only mean one thing, a trailer was quickly upon us and here it is:

We all know the story of the White Ape and the King of the Jungle and countless adaptations have been done for the source material that originated from classic Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. The rippling abs are that of Alexander Skarsgard and his Jane happens to be the stunning Margot Robbie, oh, and her father is played by two-time Academy Award-winner Christpoh Waltz.

Other notable actors we get a chance to see are that of Samuel L. Jackson – who somehow manages to be in everything – and the heavily underrated Djimon Honsou. This is a spin on the classic Tarzan story and will be directed by the man who brought us some the most beloved sequels in the Harry Potter franchise.

Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard star in 'The

Even from the opening shots, this film looks marvelously well visualized. With a mixture of quality CGI as well as real world settings makes for a beautifully haunting visual spectacle from the jump. Just to reiterate, the acting talent is superbly high-end, and the apes are photo-realistic (for the most part) and bring an immediate heart and depth to the story at hand.

The story is not staying strictly in the jungle and that is where this film will differ from the black and white Tarzan show or the Disney animated versions. Instead, it appears Tarzan will indeed be in the jungle but also returning back to England (?) to reclaim a title that is rightfully his. I have to assume SLJ is a poacher in this case and that Djimon Honsou is the African leader of whomever those spear chucking badasses were. It looks great and we are going to have to wait until summer to see the ending results.



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