Roald Dahl’s Iconic Story of “The BFG” Gets a Disney/Spielberg Teaser Trailer – Trailer Review

One of the most beloved authors of his time, Roald Dahl has given the world some of the most adored child friendly stories our world has had the pleasure of reading. Disney and the great Steven Spielberg have band together to bring to life a bedtime story about an orphan girl whose imagination and natural curiosity leads to an unlikely adventure of “giant” proportions.

Anytime Disney has a project you notice, but to get Steven Spielberg onto a project as adventurous and imaginative as this brings us back to his earlier career when he brought us films like E.T. or Hook while maintaining an imaginative touch that is reminiscent of films like Jurassic Park or his newer films like TInTin. 

Spielberg alone should boost the anticipation of this film. Not only is the book great and worth reading to kids and yourself, but it may mark a sudden return to Spielberg going to the non biographical pictures he has brought us over the last few years, though none of us would say those films are bad by any stretch, Spielberg is best when he is having child like fun, and it shows.

The film doesn’t come out until  the summer of 2016 and with Spielberg also directing another beloved book adaptation in Ready Player One we can only be excited as the greatest director in history brings us a film backed up by Disney and originating from one of the most beloved child stories of the modern eras.

Disney’s The BFG stars Mark Rylance, Bill Hader, and Ruby Barnhill.


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