Are Movie Trailers Showing Too Much of Their Movies?

How many times this year alone have we said that the trailer just “spoiled” parts of a film? The most spoken about trailer has been Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and fans like myself have been able to enjoy better cut versions of the film as a result. Where has the mystery for a film’s characters and plot gone too? How dumb do these trailer editors think we are that we can’t handle not seeing such huge parts of a films plot?

In the case of a comic book trailer spoiling a bunch of details or characters, it can be tough as a comic book fan. The beauty is in the anticipation and whether or not our nerdy fan theories come to life, but when we get such a heavy handed plot detail smacked in a 2 1/2 minute long trailer, we weep inside. Naturally, this is not the only genre that has been guilty of this exhausting trend over the last few years, comedies and dramas are offenders of this crime too.

Telling the best jokes in a trailer is never a good idea and do you know why? It’s because we end up not laughing when the scene comes because you set the whole thing up already! A great trailer should tell us enough of what the story will more or less be about without having to spill the beans on the major plot points or punchlines of its actual story. Sell us on the story first and figure out if we are even interested from the first previews and go from there. Sometimes all it takes is an amazing teaser trailer e.i. the Comic Con trailer for Batman v Superman. The reason this trailer was so grand was because of what we didn’t know but now we’ve spoiled of the surprises that may have packed a punch once the scenes came in.

Mystery is great because people are naturally curious and if you’re premise doesn’t spark a response from the audience then you might not be doing your trailers right or your story probably just sucks. Seriously. Why do we want to see The Force Awakens and The Revenant so bad this month? It’s simple, it’s because we don’t know jack sh** about how these films are going to turn out, but they intrigue us. Why is that so hard to get?

I hope this trend dies and lands in the pile of crap that includes, dad bodies, glitter beards, and online spoilers because it’s beginning to hurt my feelings.


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  1. This a great article! More people need to take this stance against the dumbing-down of film trailers. In truth, I don’t have a great deal of faith in Zack Snyder, so my expectations of what Batman vs Superman will be, are massively limited. That being said, I was open-mouth staggered to see how much plot detail was leaked into the trailer. Moreover, I get the sense that the film is a bit of a mess, and that DC’s attempts to play catch up with Marvel are set to severely hamper their overall quality. Doomsday looked ridiculous, and the Wonder Woman moment (Gal Gadot can’t act) was so stupidly cheesy. I fear the worst for DC.


    • First off, I’m so glad you enjoyed the article (like and share and follow)! Second, I still want to believe this film will be enjoyable but yeah the fears everyone else had I now have, not so much actors, but the storyline itself is not just Batman v Superman, it’s Dawn of Justice and I think that was a huge mistake on their part.

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