Gosling & Crowe Are Hilarious in “The Nice Guys” (2016) Red Band Trailer – Trailer Review

What a brilliant team up of talent for a film like this. Shane Black – director of Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – returns behind the camera for a stylized action comedy like he did with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang only this time he substituted Val Kilmer and RDJ with Gosling and Russell Crowe in both a red band trailer and a green band trailer.

The Red Band trailer is below:

Shane Black is a brilliant writer with a style all of his own and it shows in what looks like Inherent Vice meets L.A. Confidential. Gosling has always been an entertainer and a world class actor, but there is nothing better when that demeanor can break with some laughs and the same can be said for Russell Crowe.

These are two of the most talented actors out there and clearly Shane Black knew what he wanted for these characters, the gruff bad-ass and the charming goofball. The story itself is reminiscent of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang from the Los Angelas lights and that classic 70’s thrill and adventure with a dash of mystery and crime.

Though I was not fond of what Iron Man 3 did with the last few acts of the film, the direction and humor was very good and the acting was top notch and entertaining. I have to believe that Black will give us a fully realized film and have it be more like a funny L.A. Confidential and not so much like the Inherent Vice parts of what we saw.


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