Why Do We Love Tarantino and Why You Should

Polarizing as his style of often comedic revenge stories take fold on screen Tarantino has divided the movie going populous with his unique style of direction and usage of gratuitous violence, language, and mash ups of genres. Panned for his usage of the N-word in his films as well as the blood soaked action sequences, Tarantino tells his stories through a stylized lens only he has seems to grasp. Writing takes over as his quip and dialogue have earned him two Original Screenplay-awards over his career and they will likely not be his last, but why do we love him?

Maybe it’s his use of Samuel L. Jackson in every single one of his movies or maybe it’s the fact that he makes us feel every emotion you can find on the spectrum or maybe it’s the characters. How can we forget John Travolta and Samuel J. Jackson from Pulp Fiction or Jamie Foxx as the freed slave turned bounty hunter or the “Bear Jew” from Inglourious Basterds. Whether you like them or not, you have most likely heard of them. Their iconic and long lasting with impressions that hit you like a punch to the jaw and stomach. He has an imagination that often worries even his most obsessive fans, but he always makes up for the extreme directions his movies take and backs up his controversial monologues whether in real life or in his movies.

Face it, Quentin says things we all cringe at and no one will argue that, but lest we forget he tends to have valid points to back up his often outlandish opinions through mediums galore. He proves that he has no interest of influencing people to kill whites (Django) or to become gangsters (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) or to become sword swinging brides (Kill Bill). he reiterates countless times that they are just movies. If you agree with his opinions or political sidings is up to you, let’s ignore the politics of it all for a minute and look at Tarantino the film maker.

The man has only become better with age and has influenced writers and film goers since 1994 when Pulp Fiction hit the screens. Outlandish yet witty dialogue as well as interconnecting stories weren’t started by Tarantino but reaffirmed that it can be done in the right hands with the right script. He has a passion and respect for all things film and doesn’t hold back on showing us entertaining mixtures of endless genres while adding his own flair for the dramatics, visuals, and castings. He has eagle vision on his films and makes sure the scenes are as well put together as he can and seems to only be improving that as he becomes on of the last few directors to shoot his movies on film rather than digital and he has continued that trend with the 70mm for The Hateful Eight which comes out this Christmas.

Think about this if anything, who else can revive and create careers like Tarantino? He brought John Travolta out of a slump no one thought he could get out of and nearly every great actor and actress have wanted to work with him at some point and if that doesn’t speak to his pedigree in Hollywood I’m not sure what does. We fear that his “retirements” from film could halt an already astonishing career but if he loves film like he says, I can’t imagine he stops after ten films.

Stay tuned for a Top 10 List of actors/actresses Tarantino should work with!


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