Top 10 Actors/Actresses Who Should Work with Quentin Tarantino


I’ve already explained by we should Love Quentin Tarantino and I promised a list of actors that should work with him in the future. He seems to be able to find roles for everyone and anyone assuming they say yes (Will Smith) and he has been able to create and revive careers for plenty of actors in his shortly lived film career.

This list has actors/actresses I feel should be in a Quentin Tarantino film one day. I took into account fits for Tarantino’s style, actors who could return to form with a Tarantino script, and where they’d fall in his film. I also made sure to pick people who haven’t worked with him yet.

10. Johnny Depp: It’s almost too easy. One of the most diverse actors of our generation with one of the wackiest yet talented directors of our time. Depp has been the muse for Tim Burton over the years but has easily proven to us all that he can work with anyone in any genre and shine. Depp worked with Q.T’s good buddy Robert Rodriguez for Once Upon a Time in Mexico and was the standout performer, I have no doubts he’d do the same in a Tarantino flick.

9. Jennifer Lawrence: Also a muse in her own right – mainly for David O. Russell – is Jennifer Lawrence. She is immensely talented and has shown to do well with the big name directors. She is confident and equally capable of proving why. She has an energy and a flair for dramatics that I think would fit perfectly in a Tarantino film.


8. Gary Oldman: This almost seems to good to not have happened. Q.T. has his actors transform and who else in the business is better at being a chameleon that Gary Oldman? He is cool, calm, but can also be bat-shit crazy all in the same character. He can turn into a hero or villain or a mixture of both without hesitation and could be used more than sparingly since Q.T. doesn’t mind using older actors as leads whether it be action or drama or both.

7. Halle Berry: Earning an Oscar then a Razzie in the same year, we can conclude Berry is endlessly beautiful but has had fluctuating career decisions in her time. Since falling to the waste side in Hollywood and the world in general (so it seems) she clearly has the capability to do a role in a Tarantino flick. Imagine her as a villain or antagonist of sorts spewing some witty and volatile jargon at some helpless victims in a film, it’d be funny and equally terrifying.

6. Wesley Snipes: Ever since going to prison for tax evasion (idiot) he has been brought back to the world of entertainment through a less than great television show, but we all know Snipes is capable of so much more. He has the attitude, gravitas, and all around screen presence to become a cool character of some sort, even if it was merely supporting.

5. Tom Cruise: What can’t Cruise do? The guy is arguably the biggest film star in the world and has proven to be one of the hardest working men in the world. He does his own stunts and isn’t afraid of any genre you throw at him. It’d be cool to not see Tom Cruise in a role but a completely unique, written for him, type role. Cruise can clearly do that ever since we saw him as the scene stealing Lex Grossman in Tropic Thunder.

4. Val Kilmer: WTF happened to Val Kilmer?! This guy was in films with the guy above and shined as a voice actor for the underrated animated film The Prince of Egypt – he was Moses in case you were wondering – and was great in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but has been notorious to work with over the years. He’s a little nuts and has since gained some excess weight, but if there is one guy who could get this pudgy bastard in shape, it could be Q.T.

3. Cuba Gooding Jr.: Talk about a guy who vanished into thin air. This guy went from “showing us the money” and his shiny gold statue to making weird movies with Helen Mirren as his love interest – yeah exactly – and has since made bargain bin garbage that no one has seen. He’s got the chops when he really tries, but for whatever reasons, this dude can’t get cast in a good film or he and his agent aren’t choosing films that are beneficial to his career.

2. Christian Bale: Is there an actor who loves to delve into his characters like Christian Bale? His style of method acting is legend at this point and the results speak for themselves. He isn’t afraid of any role you give him and he brings a rare sensibility to his performances that make you wonder how he hasn’t already been a film with Q.T. yet? He mine as well get a chance to work with every great director before he dies.

1. Nicolas Cage: Before the meme-tastic facial expressions of Cage became more popular than he did, we tend to forget that this mas has brought home a Best Actor trophy at the Oscars and has been nominated more than once. He is diverse and fully capable but has fallen into money troubles and this warrants him to have to take on some shlocky film roles all for the paycheck. If Q.T. was able to revive an all but dead John Travolta, Nick Cage shouldn’t be an issue.


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