Hollywood Doesn’t Actually Care About Diversity, They Want Us To Think They Do

Changing races and gender swapping cast members has become all the rage for studios in the past few years, why? Well, it’s because everyone bitches and moans about it, and we have the right to. We all know there hasn’t been a level playing field with actors in certain roles over the years, but that’s also an expected outcome from a field of work that wants to appeal to a majority, and in most cases, white is right. But let’s be real, no is mad that there are tons of great white actors and actresses, we are mad that there aren’t as many great female actors – of all colors and creeds – and male actors of all creeds and colors in everyday film going experiences and Hollywood’s idea of fixing that is jamming “diversity” down our throats.

What needs to be understood about the film industry is simple, they only care about one color, and that is green. Green rectangles with dead guys on them. That stuff movie kingpins and gangsters have in rubber bands, I’m talking about money, and the reason we are being bombarded with forced diversity in film is because they think that we all want it bad enough that we will pay top dollar for an all women’s Ghostbusters and we probably will, but it doesn’t mean they care.

If Hollywood and film studios cared about the diversity problem, there’d be far more action that just some confirmation articles saying that Ocean’s 11 will have all women’s cast. If anything, all studios need to do is not use certain phrasing. Instead of saying “all female cast”, how about they say, “rebooted cast” or “re-imagined cast” and surprise with the diversity once the cast list and trailers come out. People pretend to care about things that roll of them like water on the ducks back and Hollywood is no different – though I wish they’d listen to our pleas on Idris Elba as Bond – and they aren’t changing so easily.

Audiences and studios tend to forget that all we want are good films, if they are organically diverse then that’s just a bonus. If the role is flexible enough, just cast the most inspired choice, not the biggest name because we know there are plethora of regular names studios go after, and no one blames them, but that’s entirely too easy. Eh well, they’re trying I guess so at least we know they hear our cries for change in our films, but we still have a long way to go.


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