The “Dawn” of a New “Batman v Superman” Trailer is Upon Us – Trailer Review

We saw the teasers, we quoted the first trailer, and we’ve memed the sh** out of the images, and I expect this trailer to be a meme-tastic as well. For whatever reason, Jimmy Kimmel gets a lot of these highly anticipated trailers and he forces losers like me to stay up until 11:35 to watch his show and have me suffer through bad jokes about his penis. Alas, it was worth the wait, the trailer has finally been released online for us all to ponder over and it’s quite a sight.

Much lighter than the first official trailer, we see the dynamic that pins Clark Kent to Bruce Wayne and Wayne to Kent. The trailer later brings the eccentric billionaire genius – Lex Luthor not Wayne – to the forefront in a Jesse Eisenberg fashion fans weren’t to thrilled to see. Nonetheless, I have a feeling he will have a solid portrayal of Luthor for this universe.

Affleck at Wayne/Batman looks to be exactly what we’ve wanted from his character, brooding, angry, and full of vengeance after all this turmoil Superman put him through, but it doesn’t appear to last as long as we’d think. The film may be a Batman and Superman film, but lest we forget the second part of the title and it’s significance to the films plot. Wonder Woman confirms her significant role in the film as does a villain manifestation that all of us theorists have been assuming since the beginning, Luthor creates Doomsday.

Though the hero trinity is cool to see for the first time ever in a live-action take, it’s Doomsday that concerns me. A description I was given was that he looks like a messed up CGI Ninja Turtle and I have to agree. Giving him the muscle tone and size from the comics would have likely served as a better visual rendition. We can only hope that it works well for the film as well as the comedy in the trailer seems to worked out.

We can only wait the four months when the film comes out, but all the hunches have been confirmed and the tone has slightly changed for the film with this trailer.



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