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The Hunger Games franchise has been a unique movie going experience for the past half decade and skyrocketed Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast into mainstream stardom. Making boat loads of money and creating a fan base that goes beyond the original source material, we see the battle on the Capitol and Katniss’ final march to take down Snow. I have enjoyed this franchise, but my attachment has never really been there like the rest of the audience viewing these movies. That being said, this had its good moments and it’s bad moments.

This is a book that definitely didn’t need to be two parts. The first part of Mockingjay was far too much set up for what is ultimately a stretched out pacing of snail like proportions and follows too well to the book. There are twists and turns from the book that are merely glossed over in the film and that taints what good parts could have come out of this films story. Instead, we get what I consider an overacting Jennifer Lawrence and some sleep inducing lackluster sequences of events all throughout. As someone who read the final book, there are times when you hoped that the studios and film makers would have followed the trend of making the best film they could, not the best direct adaptation of its source material.

There are battles from the books that we never really get a chance to sink our teeth in and instead we are suffering through lackluster finales and twists that don’t get the proper screen time like they should. Katniss as a whole for me personally is not the most likable heroine, but does represent important morals that a great hero should possess. She is courageous in all aspects of her life and does it for the safety of her family and friends and her home and that’s something we have been able to get behind since 2012, but sadly, we had to wait for an cash grab of a finale instead of letting the epic conclusion become one great third film.

It’s because we were given nothing but dragged out exposition from Part 1 that Part 2 is nothing more than predictable action and even more boring scenes that lead to the final battle and take down of President Snow. Though the film has its emotional sequences, it loses that punch you want from a grand finale simply because it isn’t as grand as it could have been if it was one epic movie. Sure, the film has some great shots of the futuristic destruction of the world of Panem and has those explosive scenes, but I didn’t find myself all that impressed.

The truer fans than myself will likely get more out of this film that I did, but as someone who thoroughly enjoyed the first two films and what they had to offer as futuristic sci-fi, action/adventure films, this was a heartbreaking way to end it. Lawrence is still a talented young actress who will leave a great impression on most us after this film is done being shown because she does great things for the female lead and does it will strength and class, but as far as a straight up final film, it just didn’t do it for me.



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