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As far as mindless entertainment goes, you’d think that it would at least be considered a guilty pleasure action flick since it has such a talented cast, but even this world class cast of men and women couldn’t save this mash-up of Die Hard and Speed for the better. The film stars Robert DeNiro, Jeffery Dean-Morgan, Kate Bosworth, Dave Bautista, Morris Chestnut, and Gina Carano. The story is about as simple as the film’s title and equally as cliched even with the promising amount of big names for this unoriginal action flick.

With most films like this you’ve never heard of, you don’t expect much out of it and you hope it does what John Wick was able to do and that is shock us with how fun and enjoyable the film actually is, but Heist just isn’t that fun nor exciting. It’s a promising idea that falls flat like a dirty penny on the sidewalk and the irony in that is that this movie probably only made about a few dirty pennies so far. This is one of those films that I have to believe was just another paycheck for these actors. With that being said, you’d think it would turn out much better than this did.

The script is a 90’s action movie love child that ended up trying to live to it’s parents expectations and constantly failed. Though it has some fun action sequences and glimpses of good human drama, it just doesn’t have enough to bring it to a standard most movie goers can withstand. The actors and actresses themselves did a respectable job with the roles they were given, especially DeNiro going back to his mobster/gangster roots that made him who we know him as today and Dean Morgan shows he’s a talent worth knowing, but he is getting roles like these in films that have no real meat to them.

Some may consider this a guilty pleasure and I wouldn’t have trouble seeing why, but this is not in anyway a pleasure of any kind for me. The potential is wasted with such a solid idea and the cast around it, but it ultimately looks like a bunch 90’s action movies wrapped in one jumbled mess of film that is anchored the darkest depths of a cinema sea of mediocrity.

DeNiro is entirely too talented and coveted by great film makers to be doing the Nicolas Cage route of acting this late in his career. Maybe a call from Scorsese can help everyone who was a part of this film and remind them what a good movie will look like from script to footage. We can only hope DeNiro will bounce back with some actual films worth watching in the future and that Jeffery Dean Morgan can make a name for himself in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Thomas Wayne.



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