The Talent Around ‘Creed’ Is Worth Knowing

I have not seen Creed yet, that’s tomorrow (smiles like a lunatic), but I know the talent that isn’t named Sylvester Stallone and so should you. This is a film that is getting praise as one of the best films of the year and it’s made me more excited than I ever thought I was going to be, but when the news dropped a year and some months ago about this project, the names that jumped out were Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler.

Michael B. Jordan is a face that’s hard to forget. He’s a handsome dude is what I’m saying, but he also was a constant character on the hit HBO series The Wire and has since moved onto feature roles in films and narrations for documentaries and commercials. He’s a young star shining as bright as his smile. The director is the man that should be on your radar. Ryan Coogler is the mastermind behind the camera for a sleeper hit starring Jordan titled Fruitvale Station, one of the years best films back in 2013, and the crazy thing is, Coogler was only 26 years old.

That’s right, the young man who brought us one of the most penetrating films of the last few years was just a 26 year man from Oakland California. Oh, and he is black.

This is why I want us to realize that talent has no color nor should it have barriers. Yes, there have been black directors, male and female, but this man is now only 29 years young. I’m sure after I see the film tomorrow I will be exclaiming his brilliance because the film not only looks spectacular, but it also feels fresh. I just hope we can get a caliber of talent like Coogler out in the open more constantly in media as well as other diverse talent in the world of films from all backgrounds because guess what, we shouldn’t give a f***.


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