Boy I Hope This is Good, ‘Race’ (2016) – Trailer Review

I just pray this doesn’t turn out like 42 did…

This trailer starts as a cliched biopic about an athlete who was blessed with God-given talent that has to face the obstacles of prejudice and racism and I wasn’t sold on it, but then the trailer kept rolling. Sports dramas and biopics like this seem to all aesthetically look the same and that’s something I hope won’t matter once the camera starts rolling.

Jesse Owens is one of the greatest athletes and Olympians to ever live and his story needs to be told through history, and in the process of telling his story, they’d better be able to give us the spirit he exuded while battling the racism of the world in a time of war and fear with a dose of his common obstacles he had to face.

The cast seems to have some inspired talent for the roles they are playing, but I pray this doesn’t become the cliched “he wins at the end” type of tale. Don’t be afraid to show the hard stuff and don’t gloss past the vital details that make stories like this so great to learn about and watch.


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