Guardians of the Galaxy: MAJOR Reveal About Star Lord’s Father, You’ve Been Warned

Guys, there will be possible spoilers coming up about the upcoming sequel to the first Guardians of the Galaxy so if you don’t want to know…don’t continue reading, if you want to know, keep reading.


…Are you sure?



So Star Lord’s father might be…………


CAPTAIN MARVEL! No I don’t mean the sexy blonde female version either aka Carol Danvers, but instead the original Captain Marvel who pronounces his name Mar-Vel (lol). He is of the Kree race of people who, in the film, say have rarely been seen over the years.

What’s fascinating about this possible news is how it all ties into the future films on Marvel’s slate with the Inhumans coming in a few years and how they plan to tie in characters like the aforementioned Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel on Earth). Don’t worry, if you don’t know about anything I’m talking about, I’ll be getting really nerdy in a second…

We’ll differentiate their names by having the male CM be Mar-Vel and Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel spelled normally. 

Long story short, Mar-Vel is the one who gives Captain Marvel her powers in the original comics. Marvel plans on doing a film with Carol Danvers in the future so it makes sense to introduce a character that would naturally suit her origin, as well as bring some Empire Strikes Back type drama to such an expansive universe. Making him somewhat of a mutant would be an intriguing spin on the character himself and would also aid in tying into a story that not many are familiar with.

If it ends up being true, Marvel has done it again, and they seem to have a confident plan of action as they’re known.


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