Zac Efron & Robert DeNiro Are Holding Nothing Back in the Red Band Trailer For ‘Dirty Grandpa’ (2016) -TRAILER REVIEW


Talk about two names you’d never likely hear in one sentence. One of the hottest guys in Hollywood and one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history are grandfather and grandson in this new age party/road trip film.

DISCLAIMER: This trailer is uncensored and contains content that may be inappropriate for some viewers…but it’s totally worth the watch!

There’s nothing funnier than older people saying foul things. It’s shocking, uncontrollable, and downright hilarious. This film looks sexy and wild and will be a great counterbalance to a lot of the films coming out next year.

This pairing is well worth the wait and it looks like a mixture of what Efron seems to be doing with his Rated-R comedies as of late. DeNiro is simply DeNiro and Bob doesn’t give a F**K! Sorry…

Point is, this looks awesome. Tell your friends.



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