Sony’s ‘The Dark Tower’ Eyeing Oscar Winner For Villain


Stephen King is one of the best authors in modern times and his illustrious career has helped bring to life some of the greatest book to film adaptations of all time. If you could throw a dart at a board full of his books that haven’t been movies, you’d be more than likely to hit The Dark Tower, a science-fiction, horror, action-adventure, western of sorts set in a world of “gunslingers” and “men cloaked in black.

The books themselves are inspired by countless mediums of literature and film. The main character has been said to be inspired by Clint Eastwood from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly while the story mixes themes of Arthurian tales, and has even sighted J.R.R. Tolkien as inspiration for the fantasy elements of the stories. The film itself could be a genre bending epic of sorts that could lure in talent like the man below us to take on either the lead protagonist or supposed villain reports at Variety are claiming he could be.

86th Annual Academy Awards - People Magazine Press Room

There are only three words worth saying if he chooses to take on the part and that is: “Alright, alright, alriiiiight”. That’s right, Matthew McConaughey has been offered the role as the antagonist of the film known as Walter Padick or in the books he’s known as “The Man in Black”. Other reports claim he could be up for the “gunslinger” role as well as the villain Randall Flagg (who then becomes “The Man in Black”)

Obviously McConaughy is a serious talent and his possible acceptance of the role would mean great things for the production of the film moving forward seeing he has become more particular about the roles he has been offered. Either way, whatever role he does or doesn’t take, let’s hope he can get into this film sooner than later.


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