I complained about the posters and I complained about the whitewashing Egyptians yet again for these god-awful films and I had the right too this time…

This raises questions on quite a few fronts. One, why are these “Egyptians” all basically renditions of Greek heroes? Two, why is the black guy cowering in fear while King Leonidas beats up Perseus like that? Three, who green-lit this sci-fi original movie bulls***?

It’s not even funny at this point, it’s more insulting and embarrassing for everyone. Things are usually forgiven if the film actually looks good, but the effects look like a 90’s PC game that got rejected by it’s creators. I mean what are these studios thinking? Did they think this was going to be an effective rendition that audiences would want to see? This is not 1939 America anymore! We desegregated folks, women have the rights to vote, and gay people can marry each other now, why would you whitewash a bunch of Egyptian Gods and characters…AGAIN?!

This trailer is crap, the cast is out of place, and the imagery is garbage. Why would any of us see this? You have a cast of talented men and women in a film that looks like they were dared to try out for. It’s crap.


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