Memento Remake On the Way: What?


This makes no sense at all. Have we come to a stage in history that studios would rather remake young films than take a chance on a more original idea? Christopher Nolan was lauded for his work on Memento back in 2001 and thus launching his now successful career. The film is an indie classic in its own right that starred Guy Pearce, a detective with memory loss whose only clues to finding out who raped and murdered his wife are unknown tattoos on his body.

A film that was shot to go in backwards chronological order is a rare style of film making that I would think loses its luster if done again. If studios think people should see the original because it didn’t get the money or love it deserved doesn’t mean they should remake the damn thing. Some remakes can work and others are flat out ridiculous.

With an unknown studio like AMBI Pictures getting the rights to a huge catalog of films, who knows what they might do to some other great classic films such as this…hopefully they do nothing with them and piss off.



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