Blade Runner: Ryan Gosling Confirms Will Be In the Film


A sequel to the science-fiction classic Blade Runner 2 has found its supporting male star alongside a returning Harrison Ford. Ryan Gosling has now confirmed via an interview with Collider that he will indeed be in the upcoming sequel. Gosling went on to answer a question on why he signed for the project and he was asked if it was because of Denis Villenueve (director of Sicario and Prisoners) and legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins and of course his answer was yes.

Of course, Gosling isn’t an actor to just do a project for the paycheck, he is an artist, so we hope that it was also a great script that led him to this soon to be sequel. Villenueve has been on fire with his last few movies, whether it be; Sicario, Prisoners, or Enemy, he has brought a visual grace and presence to his storytelling that never seems to hold back and that’s something that makes him a great fit for Blade Runner 2.

It would have been interesting to get Ridley Scott’s touch on his own sequel, but until The Martian dropped this year, he was not on the best streak with his own film making, but thankfully it is in good hands, and he won’t have to worry about Neil Blomkamp messing up Prometheus.


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