Aquaman: ‘Wrath of the Titans’ Scribe Set to Helm Script

Aquaman will hopefully be the Ant-Man of the DC Universe, not because it’ll be funny, but because people are going to be shocked at how much they enjoy it. We all know Aquaman has been the pawn of endless jokes over the years, but with the direction that DC and Warner Brothers seem to be going with their heroes and villains, Aquaman will not be a punchline anymore. They have their actor, their director, and it appears they have their screenwriter for the job.

Back in August, there was a rumor that two other writers were competing for the job of scribe for the film but that appears to not be the case no longer. It has a fair amount of sense put into it when getting a writer like Wrath of the Titans’ David Leslie Johnson due to his imaginative world building ability through words, it’s just too bad that Wrath of the Titans was a poorly done film. What Johnson’s catalog also provides are quite a few horror projects such as Orphan (2009), episodes of The Walking Dead, and he is apparently writing The Conjuring 2 that will be directed James Wan aka Aquaman’s director.

If they can bring the quality of tension they’ve brought through horror and other genre films, this could be a pairing that will workout for the best. Hopefully with these two horror junkies they can choose the new age story of Aquaman in his story titled The Trench because of it’s frightening imagery and unique villains and twists.


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