The Little Mermaid: Chloe Grace Moretz to Star in Live-Action Retelling

Who would have guessed that one of the most popular children’s stories would have such an issue being made into a live-action retelling, but that’s exactly what The Little Mermaid has become. Originally set to have Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola on board to helm the famed aquatic fairy-tale, Coppola and the studio have since parted ways for the classic “creative differences” bull crap, but don’t worry, the film may have found it’s leading lady — still no director — but the star of the film is something.

Chloe Grace Moretz is a name and face we recognize from when she was Hit-Girl in the Rated-R comic book adaptation Kick-Ass and the less than stellar remake of Carrie. To her credit, she is the shining star it was are both good and poor movies. She’s an actress well beyond her years with a resume that varies through all genres.

Remember, this is not for Disney, but for Universal Studios. This wouldn’t likely be a far off adaptation of what we know from Disney, but it is still likely to separate itself nonetheless. Moretz was up for the role two years ago when Coppola was on board and it appears she is still the main choice for studios. It’s going to be much weirder to see a live-action of a story such as this simply because of the age of the character from the book and movies (16). While Moretz is now 18, we have to wonder how they’re going to treat the romance in the upcoming film with Richard Curtis (Love Actually) taking a stab at the screenplay yet again.


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