‘Warcraft” (2016): When World’s Collide, Choices Must Be Made – Trailer Review

We’ve been waiting for the arrival of the Duncan Jones directed video game film and with the announcement that a trailer was going to drop Friday November 6th, fans around the world rejoiced. The story depicts two rival civilizations on the brink of destruction and the only ways to survive is to be together.

As thrilling as the story sounds, there are some serious issues I have with the quality of the CGI all throughout. When the trailer was released at Comic-Con, people had the same issues I had with the CGI, but we all gave the film a pass because we assumed the CGI was just not finished and that they would put some finishing touches by the time the real trailer out…apparently not.

It’s a shame that this is such an unavoidable issue because the trailer itself had a great insight to what the story and the film was going to be about, but sadly, it lacked that emotional punch it was going for. Duncan Jones is a wickedly talented director and the talent surrounding the film was exciting in of itself, but more is to be seem from this film in the future.

If they can do something about the CGI of the Orcs in particular, this film will go up in stock in no time at all, but the baby Shrek in the one scene was just silly to look at and took me out of the trailer for a moment. What needs to happen with these video games films is for them to not look like video games and that’s what this was.


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  1. I dunno man. The baby orc looked ridiculous yeah, but absolute photo – realism would both be incredibly hard to achieve in the warcraft universe, and would also be a bit strange, given the colourful almost cartoon – like style of the warcraft games. Will have to wait and see I guess but I for one am hopeful.


    • I’m realizing my standards are just a tad higher than everyone elses. My favorite films are Lord of the Rings so when I think fantasy that’s what I go too. I do want it to turn out great either way though! I want this and Assassin’s Creed to breathe life into the video game genre.


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