And to think that were weren’t getting anymore trailers and footage, thank goodness for International trailers. With similar tones to the last trailer that dropped before this, there are many additions and subtractions from the previous trailer as well as many more clues between the relationships Kylo Ren and Rey may hold in the future.

The Lupita N’yongo narration in the beginning is still there, but no true reveals on who she is. There are also glimpses of Rey and Finn’s relationship that will likely blossom through the series, but it’s when we see Kylo Ren hold his cross-blade lightsaber towards Rey’s throat without it being an immediate fatal strike…maybe he has no interest in killing his sister. That’s been my guess from the start, but we’ll have to see.

We’ve also been giving countless shots of some Rey’s mysterious staff. I am starting to believe it’s some sort of rare artifact or soon to be lightsaber she is going to wield in the future — a double bladed one at that —  and the posters are making me think this more and more. But the real money shot is at the end of the trailer…who is dead in front of Rey? Which character is the one that bites the dust? Is it someone we already or could it be a new character we’ve yet to see revealed?

I guess all these answers will come to fruition on December 18th this year…may the force be with you.


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