‘Doctor Strange’: Set Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch & Possible Origin Story Plot Details

DISCLAIMER: This may be a bit of a spoiler on the “possible” plot of Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’.

This will be one of the most unique Marvel films to date as an all-star cast will fall into a realm of magic and sorcery while still being considered superheroes. Benedict Cumberbatch is set to play the Sorceror Supreme known as Doctor Strange and has been shooting in London and as well as Nepal. Recent set photos have come out for us all to see showing Cumberbatch sporting a spectacular beard while dressed in some ratty looking clothes on set.

For those unaware of Doctor Strange, he is a Marvel character who starts off as a brilliant surgeon whose hands are brutally injured in a car crash thus taking away the one asset that made Dr. Steven Vincent Strange the man he has been. Arrogant and aware of his skills, he finds himself transported into portals and new dimensions that would make a science teacher geek out.

From what I gathered, the story will introduce us in the past revealing the dark forces at hand for the film. We will then be introduced to the main antagonist as well as the abilities he possesses and then a bunch of other stuff happens…

Guys, I don’t want to spoil this for you so look it up somewhere else, but what I will tell you is that this is turning out to be a main event worth seeing once it comes out. Ant-Man this year gave us hints as to what may possibly be seen through the stories of Doctor Strange and from the execution of Ant-Man we have reason to be excited. Expect psychedelic imagery and demons and monsters from other realms because that’s what we should be getting.


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