We know Tarantino to be on the edgy side of film-making along with the choice of words he often has to say. He’s brash, bold, daring, and at the end of the day, weirdly honest. Tarantino has been all over the news recently, but not in a positive light relating to his film coming out in December,The Hateful Eight. A boycott has grown against Tarantino and his stances on the murder and violence circling around law enforcement. To what people consider “controversial” comments, policemen and women from; L.A., New York, Philadelphia, and now the New Jersey Police Departments have taken their own stance against the film maker — ironic — but nonetheless is happening.

During an Anti-Police Brutality Rally in New York some days ago, Tarantino was quoted saying that he was “on the side of the murdered”.

The full story can be read: HERE.

Every bit of info I have read on this latest controversy with the director and his comments baffles me. We understand as film fans and as people that controversy in film is a constant we are likely to never get away from, but with the recent deaths of both innocent and guilty people across our country — due to excessive force or otherwise — has been like the swarm of locusts on American culture and is leaving trails of blood on the streets. This is a problem that has called for nonviolent action to better these situations. Tarantino is definitely a polarizing figure, but a boycott for a man who is and quote: “A human being with a conscience” doesn’t seem right.

Another disappointing fact about this boycott is that the boycott has ordered officers to “not to take special assignments or off-duty jobs that are linked to Tarantino projects”. So police officers are ordered to not protect someone if needed? Okay…

If there are film makers who should be boycott or booed, pick on the Roman Polanski’s of the world — accused of five sexual offenses of a 13 year old girl in 1977 — who fled America and has since never returned or Mel Gibson who clearly committed heinous, racist, and sexist verbal threats. Tarantino states:

“If you believe there’s murder going on then you need to rise up and stand up against it. I’m here to say I’m on the side of the murdered.”

I am not a cop hater nor do I think cops nor innocent people should be shot because it “seemed right at the time”, but why choose to go after an already lashed at artist rather than the countless other truly cop hating, disrespectful people out there? To me, this is pointless and a waste of time and resources. Don’t get it twisted, I understand how the officers across the country would take this with offense, but let’s face some facts here, there has been highly questionable death of supposedly innocent people in our country with more and more proof surfacing with little to no positive consequence, and some — key word “some” — of these police officers are stating Q.T.’s violence in his films make him a “purveyor of degeneracy”. We are really blaming films for violence? If that’s the case, I take it all those crooked cops were watching Tarantino movies, just saying.

Assuming we can be civilized in our discussion, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this subject either in the comments below or at The Gunn Range: Movies on Facebook.


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