The fight for diversity in Hollywood has been a battle similar to pushing a boulder up a mountain only for it to roll over you in the process. Whether it be for women, ethnically diverse actors, or re-imaginings of characters, there has been a jump in the changes of leading and supporting characters in films of all kinds. Recently enough, there has been buzz on the Ghostbusters reboot starring an all female led cast. Fans were curious and others snickered at the idea of women leading a famous film franchise. While I wasn’t jumping up and down at the idea of female led reboot, it was something worth focusing on as the talent began to roll in. We are now getting reports and rumors about an Ocean’s 11 sequel and/or reboot of sorts will boast an all females cast produced by George Clooney himself that may have Sandra Bullock in the lead chair. Sandra Bullock is great and the talent that will eventually come around will only be a positive to this film’s credibility, but when will there some original female led films in the mainstream?

In this report from Entertainment Weekly, it is said that the roles are open for any women of different ages, races, and so on. That’s great news and can be a great eclectic mixture of people for a film like this. My only real issues lie with the slightly unoriginal renditions we have been swarmed with lately.

I want to believe ideas such as this have honest roots and with generate positive results, but then we have films like Road House being remade with Ronda “Can’t Act” Rousey. Sure, she doesn’t need to be Meryl Streep for a role like that, but I have to believe there are films that she can get involved in to later work her way up into films with original ideas or stories. This world of remakes and the decision, because it’s trending, to inject women into formally male led roles comes off as lazy. Write great female characters and let them shine in their own films. Granted, that’s selfish thinking in of itself, but don’t you think studios and film makers should try harder than they are at bringing women into title roles?

In comic-books, we have a She-Hulk and a female Thor…doesn’t seem awfully original or thought out if you ask me. I want our women of all colors, creeds, and differences to be able to shine in the best ways they can, but I don’t see how pushing already established characters on audiences is going to help the core issues of our lack of female characters and leads. They take chances on loads of different poorly executed male led films, why not with original female lead properties?

Ideas to add women in films is a great action that should be applauded, but how about we consider some more deeply thought out concepts rather than merely throwing in a load of female leads into an already established franchise. What I mean is to simply bring them in from the start or let them flourish on their own. I consider it somewhat of a cop-out with these constant rehashes that are popping up lately. I think of it this way, imagine a reboot of Terminator (that doesn’t have Genysis in the title) and instead of a male Terminator you are putting in a female bodybuilder and then making Sarah Conner you make her Dean Conner. It sounds sort of silly right? It’s an inorganic idea with no real intellectual ideas beyond switching the origins based on their genders.

I’ll end with this, don’t think I am saying down with female led reboots. I just want more original and thought out female led films rather than the over-reliance of reboots and re-imaginings by throwing a bunch of women in there. I consider that a lazy disservice to the potential of women in entertainment mediums. Granted, there are plenty great female characters out there, but if we want more, how about bringing a new wave of originality in the process?


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