We have all heard the complaints about the George Lucas directed prequels to the beloved Star Wars franchise and I won’t blame you on disliking them or liking them. I am here to give my thoughts on what the prequels did well rather than what they did wrong to give a new view on the argument towards or against the prequels.

  1. Great New Villains: Darth Maul is what great villains should be. He offered menace (hence the title of Episode I) along with a true threat to some of the most powerful warriors in all of the galaxy. If only he was given a chance to continue being the villain that he was later on in the films, Qui Gon Jinn’s death would have been a great story arc for later films. In Revenge of the Sith we were introduced to General Grievous, robotic being with a human heart, and a seriously annoying space cold. The shows later cleared up all the mystery behind what happened these villains later on, but sadly they were not in the live-action films themselves. 
  2. Origins of the Jedi and Sith: There were glimpses of hope for the origins of Jedi and Sith throughout the prequels, but none were related to that bullsh** about intergalactic space germs that create the Force, that’s just stupid. What I am talking about are the in depth conversations between the Jedi Council and one great scene with Anakin and Senator Palpatine at the opera where we learn about the motivations and reasons why the Dark Side is what it is. That scene alone did so much to better the already convoluted and ridiculousness that was the prequels. It was what should have happened a movie and a half ago to help us better understand who Palpatine was along with who Anakin Skywalker would later become. 
  3. SOME of the Action Sequences: There are some great actions sequences in the prequels that hold up well enough as sci-fi action, but others are either too choreographed or too random to fully enjoy. The ones that stood out go back to Episode I where Darth Maul battles Obi Wan and Qui Gon. This goes back to the first reason I had when defending the prequels. Compared to what we were given in the final battles of Revenge of the Sith, you will almost immediately realize how cheesy the fights are. 
  4. The Updated Score: If there is one thing the prequels couldn’t mess up it was the John Williams scores that brought everything to life when the films were on their dying bed. The higher tempo scores managed to bring an epicness back to the franchise without taking away the core of the original music and you see how great music can assist poor films. 

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