The key to being successful in any job you are in has to do with your work ethic and your ability to adapt and change in the work force, this is no different for actors and directors. Some of the best directors in the world are known for their diverse catalog of films. Directors such as Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, or a Stanley Kubrick, made their livings off of shocking audiences with their ever changing films and the genres they tackled.

There are many genre directors who have done a film here and there that is out of the norm for them, but those tend to be exceptions to the rules or somehow tie in to their style all over again. For example, Martin Scorsese is the king of the gangster epic, but he went on to make films like Hugo later in his career. Sure he is capable of doing any genre he wants, but none of are complaining he has chosen to keep his adult themed films as the standard go-to genres.

This is a list of directors that are clearly good at what they do, but i want to eventually see them create something in a genre they have not yet tackled or should tackle again. Of course, these directors are likely to stay with what they know, especially if it has worked so don’t be surprised when these fantasies never actually come to life.

Paul Thomas Anderson: Genre – Sci-Fi

P.T. Anderson is known for writing and directing all of his films. They are the amalgam of lengthy and original dialogue set in a real world manner that delves into the psychosis of his characters rather than the fantastical or unrealistic. His films all look absolutely superior and crisp when compared to many other films in his wheelhouse which would boast well for a completely re-imagined world all on it’s own. When I think of the type of science-fiction he could pull off, think of a Bladerunner style film.

David Fincher: Genre – Western

I know what you’re thinking, the guy who directed dark films like Seven and Zodiac to do a Western? Hell yes. Fincher is an obsessive perfectionist when it comes to making his films and bringing that personality to the shots westerns are known for would be something to behold. It would absolutely be a new-age western of sorts dealing with more realistic visuals while grasping the harshness of the times of the “Old West” full of bandits and drought. Fincher obviously can do harsh and brutal so why not bring it to a genre like the western which has been in a bit of a hibernation over the last few years?

Christopher Nolan: Genre – Fantasy

Nolan is a director that is as well known as the actors cast in his films and that is a form of celebrity that you don’t see often. His films, like P.T. Anderson, have a strong level of realism to them rather than being completely fictional. Instead you can believe everything that happens or would happen in his many films, so it makes sense to create a challenge for him by giving us his form of a fantasy film. It would be wise if he had someone other than his brother write the film, but what he can do behind the camera should translate well either way no matter the genre.

Guillermo del Toro: Genre: Comic-book films

del Toro is a director who has entirely too much talent and eye to not do more comic-book style films. I completely respect his decisions and his choice of films over the years and welcome it, but just imagining him working with DC/Warner Bros. on some sort of dark comic character is too much fun to think about. He has already done Blade 2 and to great Hellboy adaptations and was, for the longest time, circled around a Justice League: Dark film which has since been scrapped. Unfortunately, del Toro asks for the bank when needing funding for his films which has put him in a corner, especially since his films do not make the type of green studios want in order for him to get more financial freedom.

Katheryn Bigelow: Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Star Wars)

Bigelow is a director who has been silently killing it behind the camera. She has directed a Best-Picture winning film in The Hurt Locker and has made films like Point Break and Zero Dark Thirty with outstanding results, it would be a waste if she doesn’t get to show what she can do on a film like a Star Wars or even a superhero film. She has the resume, skillset, and all around sensibilities to handle the nuances that would come with a true genre film like sci-fi/fantasy or an action thrilled comic-book movie. Not to mention, with the many spin-off films Star Wars will be having, along with her great background in war films, she would be right at home with a property like this.

Michael Bay: Genre: Anything But Transformers

It’s the hipster thing to do to hate on Bay for his work and there is validity in the dislike and disgust, but the man has made great action films in the past that I am not afraid of supporting. The guy has awesome eyes when it comes to the action genre, but since he took on the Transformers franchise, it has been nothing but a ridiculous soft-core porn show with robots. Like porn, his films have ridiculous stories and an overload of young and attractive girls. He has The Rock, Bad Boys 1&2, and he also has a cool war drama coming out soon called 13 Hours which may prove to people he can make solid films when he wants to, but until then, GTFO all that robot crap you’re making!

Martin Scorsese: Genre – War Film

Scorsese is the king of anti-heroes and gangsters and troubled protagonists. These are perfect descriptions for a uniquely twisted war drama in the style of one of the greats like Marty. He rarely comes out of his gangster/crime/thriller-dramas, but he is clearly capable of doing whatever the heck he wants and I’d love to have him cast his famous muses like DeNiro, DiCaprio, and Pesci as soldiers in a war drama. Maybe I should start writing the film myself and pitch the idea to him because I think I have something.


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