There are about three seasons I can’t live without and those are; Christmas season, football season, and Oscar season. With the Oscars, we have had up and down years with the hosts and have since been under scrutiny more than they have been under positive feedback and they are bringing a former host and funny man back to the hosting chair in Chris Rock.

I personally do not remember 2005 when he hosted, but people have been making it clear that the famous comic is not the guy for the job. I went back and looked at some of the things he did at the 2005 awards and I realized a little bit what the people were seeing in him. Instead of hosting the show, it felt too much like a Comedy Central Roast — which can work out in some situations — but what needs to happen is for it to be a show. 

Some of the more iconic hosts were showmen and women that not only showed their humorous sides, but also their ability to entertain not just the crowds, but the audiences across America. You think of Hugh Jackman, Billy Crystal the million times he hosted it, Steve Martin, and even Johnny Carson back in the day, they knew how to work an audience.

Chris Rock is a great comedian, but his brand of humor may not be the best for an award show. When I think of hosts that I’d enjoy I think of combinations of actors/actresses that would do the polar of James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Hosts that could put on a great show would be people like Kevin Spacey or a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. These are men who can bring class, diversity, and sheer charisma to a show like the Oscars while grabbing your attention as you grab your sides from laughter.

Think about it, Chris Rock is a brand of honest and intellectual comedy we can enjoy if it was one of his specials, but going on and off of his humor might not work as well as one liners from the men previously mentioned. When you break it down, it all comes to how well those lines are delivered and how much energy is brought to the stage. Maybe if we had Chris Rock and “The Rock” on stage together this would be a more viable candidate, but for now, we will have to wait and see.


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