John Wick was the surprise hit for a lot of us last year with it’s stylized action and simplistic, but mysterious mythologies surrounding the main character along with his insane past. Now, it looks like Lonnie Rashede Lynn aka Common will be the man to take on the master assassin it’s sequel.

Common recently won an Academy Award for his song with John Legend in the biopic Selma that floored and drove us to tears at the horrors of the treatment of blacks during Civil Rights era. Common is not only an exceptional musician, rapper, and activist, but is also vastly improving in his acting roles that he has been given. Known for his roles in Smokin’ Aces and has a mystery role in DC’s Suicide Squad later next year — my guess is Black Manta — but we will find out in the summer.

Common is an exciting actor because he is diverse and is also taking the acting seriously. We’ve seen transitions from one entertainment medium to the next with plenty of failures or unspectacular success, but Common is not on that list.

John Wick has made modest success on the home video and did well at the worldwide box-office making $78 million on a $20 million dollar budget. The writer and half of the directing duo is returning for the film, but we will see how their separation of the directors affects the film, but hopefully not much.


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