I couldn’t believe this when I heard it, but I have to laugh at this point because people are actually trying to boycott Star Wars: The Force Awakens for being “anti-white”. In a world that screams for diversity in the business world and film included, this is hilarious. Any fan of Star Wars knows that this is complete and udder bullsh**. Star Wars since its conception in 1977 as a film, there has been diversity across the board, maybe not as much now, but that just evolves with the times.

Science-fiction and fantasy have always been grounds to express diversity into the characters because sci-fi tends to deal with such immense themes and locations that there can not only be one definitive look to a species of alien or human. In fact, Daisy Ridley’s character appears to be the true vocal point of the trailers that we’ve seen so far and guess what…she’s white!

It’s merely misogynistic white males crying for help in this silly hashtag debaucle. They are nothing but trolls without a clue in the world who clearly forgot that Darth Vader is voiced by a black guy and that Lando was, you guessed it black. What makes this all the more hilarious are the responses to the bigots and the small crowd that is supporting this nonsense known as #BoycottStarWarsVII and shouldn’t be taken seriously, but in case you didn’t know all of this, I hope you got a nice laugh from it all.

May the force be with you all!


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