Whatever happened to films having modest budgets? Like in society, there seems to be a fading line of the middle class, and that is similar with the budget of films. It feels like all we have left are huge cost blockbusters and the small budget indie film and with technology and actors increasing in value, more green needs to be piled up, or so we think. A rumor awhile back pinned Marvel’s two-part film Infinity Wars as possibly costing one billion dollars and it appears Warner Bros. might be following suit.

Coming out of Latino-Review as a “Hot Rumor”, the budget is reported to be north of $400 million dollars. The most expensive film to date may surprise you and that record currently goes to the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides costing $410.6 million to create (and that was the worst of the four films IMO).

I am happy there is plentiful amounts of funds going into this film, but a high budget does not mean a quality film. Having such a star studded cast and high levels of practical effects (assuming) you can already see the money burning, but there has also been a large amount of marketing for the film that varies from trailers, ads, magazine articles of recent, and appearances, but good God, $400 million dollars worth??

Man of Steel cost $250 million and was a large scale film that, whether we loved it or not, looked and was acted beautifully. You can see the amounts of money and where they went for MOS, but we will have to see if this budget is true and if so, what it will entail for the film itself…


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