Where does the credit truly end up going to when making a film? You see the actors, but you also see the set pieces. Then again, how could a movie be what it is without a script? But, a movie can’t be seen without a director…right?

These are the questions that baffle many of us and it’s a fair question. There are hundreds of people that work on specific aspects of a film and they can’t be undervalued by anyone and thinking any job on set or in an office should not be undermined. That being said, what makes a great film great and who is the person that has the most important job? My vote goes to the person who technically makes the film and that is the director. 

It almost seems unfair at first glance when you hear that an actor gets all the praise for their performances in a film when it is the director who makes the decisions on how the actors and sets need to look for the camera and the story. Directors have to be the first and the last people off of their sets and require an eye and ear the idiosyncrasies that make their films what they desire them to be. The director is the man or woman whose vision will be put on screen and give us the visuals from a non illustrated script, comic-book adaptions included.

When a film is great, like a Jurassic Park for example, you understand that the acting and special effects were superb, but who was the person deciding doing the perfect mixture of CGI and practical effects? Steven Spielberg. Who guided the already talented actors to do or say what they said? Steven Spielberg. Who was the one behind the camera making sure the shots were the way they felt fit? Steven Spielberg. 

Some will argue that there are great actors who have great roles in films no matter what…I can sort of agree to that, but, when a good actor is in a poor movie you don’t blame the actor, you blame the person who created a poorly meshed together story, right? That’s what a director is, a storyteller, and they are in charge of making sure all the facets of the film are what they need them to be. It comes down to vision when making films and as a screenwriter, even I have to understand that. Not to undermine the superb writers of all kinds out there, but when it comes to movies the director is the one making sure your story is told in the best way possible and that in of itself is one of the most important parts of his/her job.

Do you guys agree with this or do you feel there is someone else who more important when it comes to making movies? Who do think should garner more credit? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook at: The Gunn Range: Movies and on twitter at thegunnrange.


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