Stupid. This is just stupid. Die Hard is one of the staple action films of all time with how it was shot and how the style of the film was, but there have been a slew of just awful sequels that never needed to be made and I’m sorry, but a sequel to a film that involves a good Samaritan cop doesn’t need some intense prequel.

I’ve realized over the last few years how much I adore Bruce Willis and I can’t blame him for doing his job as an actor in these movies, but I just wish these movies were actually fun to watch. From the title of the fourth installment in this franchise you had to believe it wasn’t going to exactly increase in quality (the title was A Good Day to Die Hard).

If they want tom make this a prequel to the beloved action flick they should consider getting Joseph Gordon-Levitt again to play a younger version of him because, with all respects to Willis, he isn’t to convincing as a young cop anymore. How many insane situations could McClane have fallen into prior to his first film’s events in 1988? That doesn’t exactly work unless they decide it’s a good idea to do what X-Men: Days of Future Past did and give the middle finger to what had gone wrong in the franchise.

Jai Courtney was his son in the last film and the clearly doesn’t seem to be moving forward with him so this can’t be considered any less that a ridiculous reach and cash grab, right? Well, with the horrible things actors and directors alike have said about Bruce in the last decade it is no surprise he is rather short on work. Stallone and Woody Allen fired the guy from their films with no remorse and Antoine Fuqua called him a “pain in the ass” when he worked with him for their war drama Tears of the Sun.

Come on Willis!


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