Now, as I say in most posts, there is nothing confirmed nor denied so this is mere speculation on my part about how true anything is, but we like hypothetical conversations here on the Gunn Range. Bryan Cranston says he wants to be a villain in a Marvel movie, sounds cool to me, but it’s too bad he never got a chance to show us if he’d be great as either a Lex Luthor or a Jim Gordon, but we’ll skip that for now.

Cranston is an actor we all want to see more of and his performances as Walter White to even his quick scene in Godzilla (2014) made us ansy, but what is up with this whole “I want to be Mister Sinister” stuff? Well, Mister Sinister for those of you who don’t know is a villain in the X-Men Universe who tends to connect closely to the next villain in the X-Men franchise known as Apocalypse. Sinister was a biologist in Victorian London in 1859 who felt the theories of Darwin needed to be less moral filled shall we say “sinister” details.

One of the best villains in the X-Men universe, I cannot wait until he gets his chance to come out of the shadows as one of the villains for the future X-Men movies, but I’m not sure Cranston is a fit for this particular villain. There is tons of emotional depth an actor can sink his teeth into and I’m sure Cranston is more than capable, but the guy is almost 60 years old and Mister Sinister is a character that should fall into the hands of a much younger actor. That is not to say Cranston can’t be in a Marvel movie as a villain, but Mister Sinister is not the man for him.

Lest we not forget that X-Men is not owned by Marvel Studios and Cranston could still easily be a villain in the MCU rather than the FOX Studios properties and it would be wise if either one could snag his talents for a meaty role as a likable villain for our heroes. The weakest parts of most of the Marvel films have been weak villains, but with Infinity Wars likely to change that dynamic there is always room for better bad guys because a movie is only as great as it’s villain.

Don’t get me wrong, X-Men has taken liberties with their characters for the better since they appeared in 2000 that have worked out much better than you think. Wolverine as a character is about 5’6″, but clearly that doesn’t matter. Magneto is perceived more muscular, but who is complaining about Sir Ian McKellan not looking like a white haired bodybuilder? What I am saying is that so long it looks cool, because the looks are the only concern here, Bryan Cranston would give us a great character in Mister Sinister, but he is not saying he strictly wants to be Sinister either.

At New York Comic Con, Cranston hyped up the crowd when he said he would to play a Marvel villain, so what that is saying is that he is not limited to anyone. Then again, this is all just small talk about something that probably isn’t close to happening.


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