Thanks to some insider sources from JoBlo, we may have some strong speculations about who is appearing in Thor’s third “solo” film. If you saw Age of Ultron you know that Hulk flies off into the distance in one of shields planes only to vanish without anyone knowing his whereabouts. Nerds everywhere exclaimed “Planet Hulk!” and it looks they are getting the closest rendition the MCU can possibly give as the introduction to worlds beyond Earth and Asgard will be shown to us in Thor: Ragnarok and especially Doctor Strange. 

From the image above, you know that Thor and Hulk have their own special kind of buddy buddy chemistry that allows their brute strength to shine in comedic ways. If the source from JoBlo is correct, that could spell a really close homage to the beloved comic book storyline that is Planet Hulk.

Solo films as the source claims are more ensemble pieces in the MCU and it makes sense because these are established characters. There is no need to stay in a comfort zone with characters everyone recognizes and they are proving again that their plan of action will be a bold and confident one. Other news included that Tom Hiddleston is going to be in Ragnarok to no one’s surprise. Loki is to Thor like yin is to yang and their chemistry makes a perfect balance of drama and comedy so why wouldn’t Hiddleston have been in the movie? I can only imagine a film like Ragnarok and the action it will have, especially with Ragnarok being the Norse version of the Apocalypse.

Are you fans out there excited that Thor is teaming up with Bruce Banner/Hulk in this film? Let me know in the comments below and like my Facebook page at The Gunn Range: Movies to keep up with the latest and showing support!


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