Vin Diesel is great at marketing himself and his projects and he has never been wrong since he has had a Facebook account and don’t be surprised if he is the leader of the Inhumans as the silent leader, Black Bolt. For those non sweaty earthlings out there that aren’t familiar with Marvel’s the Inhumans are a race of superhuman beings created by aliens known as the Kree to fight off some other aliens known as the Skrull in galactic war when humans were still holding clubs. In less sweaty terms, they are highly advanced genetic anomalies who serve for the greater good.

Vin Diesel’s character he has so obviously chanted in interviews and his Facebook have been “screaming” Black Bolt. Black Bolt is the leader of the Inhumans, but because of highly sensitive and powerful vocal chords, he has a scream that could level a city thus making Vin Diesel’s voice obsolete for most of the character’s likely screen-time.

Diesel has a presence that demands your attention and even if he isn’t speaking, he is a good enough character actor to pull of the silent bad-ass. Nothing has since been confirmed, but I think it’s safe to say Diesel will likely be what all of us are speculating.

Do you all have a new-found interest in the Inhumans which is scheduled to come out for Marvel in 2019 as a part of their new slate of heroes or are indifferent? Indifferent or Inhuman?


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