The Coen Brothers are directors/writers that have proven to be atop their craft in most circles with their trademark humor and mystery style story telling and this looks no different as they assemble an all star cast for their latest, Hail, Caesar!

From the witty dialogue to Josh Brolin, there is every bit of Coen Brothers magic in this trailer. Coming off of writing Steven Spielberg’s latest film Bridge of Spies we can only what their original story is now, though it seems like a kidnapping is involved like the rest of their films…weird right?

George Clooney looks like he will be a scene stealer yet again in a Coen Brothers film as will Josh Brolin, but the rest of the cast has the ability to do what I feel The Grand Budapest Hotel managed to do and that is; cast Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton and give us that old school humor films of the Charlie Chaplin era introduced us too which is highly animated and quirky humor.

The trailer is well shot and doesn’t give anything away thankfully, but maybe it’s just me, but I was hoping it actually had something to do with Caesar himself. Eh well, the film doesn’t come out until next year anyways.


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