Wow she’s pretty…

Science fiction films seem to be a safe guarantee for diversity in gender and color to thrive and Star Wars is a prime example of that over the years and it looks like Looper director Rian Johnson has some more underrated talent to work with. Beyond the Lights is a film that caught me by a pleasant surprise when I realized how talented both their leads are, but Mbatha-Raw in one of the few lead roles I’ve seen her in shined under the glamorous lights as both a stunning natural beauty and talented actress.

Rian Johnson has all my support as he takes on the eight installment of the Star Wars franchise and adding someone lesser known like Mbatha-Raw keeps to the adage that Star Wars goes for the lesser known talents to keep true to the formula that worked in the late 70’s to early 80’s.

There are no known details confirmed by the actress nor the studios. But going back to the beauty of sci-fi and diversity, Mbatha-Raw will be one of the many female leads for this new trilogy of films and to add to the diversity, she is a woman of color so if anyone asks where the diversity in Hollywood is, let them know it’s mostly in the science fiction films.

Expect her star to rise and for Gugu to be a name you won’t forget in the coming years. More is yet to come on what her role will likely be and if she signs on the dotted line and is confirmed by Disney.


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