The DC Universe is taking an underrated play from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and their first Captain America film and likely having Wonder Woman take place in three different time periods. The first would be on her home island known as Themyscira or Paradise Island as some call it, the next would be during World War II, and the third is obviously present day.

Splitting her character into these different time periods is a great idea if you break it down. Not only will it get a chance to produce wickedly needed origin story for the greatest female superhero of all time, but it’s scale can look like so many epic movies all wrapped in one. One part is fantasy, the other a war film, and the other would be a modern day superhero film, it’s brilliant!

Patty Jenkins, the director who managed to help Charlize Theron get an Oscar in 2004’s Monster is the director of the film and should be capable of bringing such a vision to life, assuming it is true, and later confirmed. My thoughts and hopes, assuming the film is good, the run-time on here could be two hours and some change and so long the film has clear direction and properly acted characters, I am all in.

Still, the fear of Gal Gadot as the most iconic female superhero worries me simply because she hasn’t proven herself as an actress yet. Even so, I will be her cheerleader until we see her in action because I want her to be great, but this is a tall task.


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