It would almost be a cop out to put Her Streepness at number because we all tend to agree she is the actress arguably of all time. Today, I am compiling a list of my favorite actresses working today whether young, old, black, white or anything in between. The criteria is simple, they have to be female.

I am not putting them on this list because of looks, there’s a more shallow list for things like that. Here, I am putting who I think the most talented women in Hollywood are.

10. Jennifer Lawrence: Lawrence is going to go down as one of the best actresses, I have to believe that, and with her being the youngest woman to win a Best-Actress Oscar for Silver Lining’s Playbook you have to believe the best is only yet to come. We love her in the Hunger Games and American Hustle, but we can only wonder what’s in store for Miss Lawrence with being only 24 years old.

9. Zoe Saldana: One of the go-to women for sci-fi roles, she takes it like a champ giving us the strong and independent female characters our movies need. She shows up in more than her fair share of dramas as well even if they are smaller roles like Out of the Furnace or even Pirates of the Caribbean, but she seems to have truly found her home in sci-fi and dawning different colored skin every new movie.

8. Emily Blunt: This may be early and a bold spot on my list, but Blunt has become not just a great action star, but a star. She kicks butt and you believe it, she is sexy, she does drama like it was breathing, and she mixes it up. There’s just so much to love about her and there is only going to be more chances for her as the years roll on by because she is on fire. Also, check out my SICARIO review.

7. Helen Mirren: I’m not sure 70 has looked any better than Helen Mirren. She is what class would be in physical form and she has the English accent to match. She once traveled with a Shakespeare theater company in her early career and has been dubbed as one of the most beautiful women of all time no matter the decade. She can be seen in recent films like Woman in Gold, Trumbo, and The Hundred-Foot Journey. 

6. Sandra Bullock: You ever just look at a woman and know she is the genuine article? That’s who Sandra Bullock is to me. She does what a great actor does and that is make sure you see her and be engaged with her, but she does it so naturally that it’s almost unfair. Her outlook on the world brightens up my image of who she is outside of films and what she is in her films is someone we all seem to graviate towards. Miss Bullock is 51 and seems to also get better with age and time and so do her films.

5. Natalie Portman: Aside from being a victim of the Star Wars prequels, Natalie Portman is one of the most accomplished young actresses of her time with a brain worthy of the Ivy League, Harvard to be exact. She started her career at a young age in Leon: The Professional and was well beyond her years and has proven to be capable of taking on some of the toughest roles out there whether it be in Black Swan, V For Vendetta, and Closer. Let’s not forget she plays a minor role in the Marvel Universe as Thor’s girlfriend, Jane.

4. Sigourney Weaver: Sigourney Weaver is just bad-ass. She lands in science fiction films every few years, but she is also one of the many highly intellectual people working in Hollywood with her degrees being from both Stanford and Yale. She is six feet of assertive woman and it shows well on screen. Weaver is also great when she is narrating nature documentaries or being nominated for Tony Awards on her spare time.

3. Charlize Theron: When you think of method actors, you tend to hear names like Robert DeNiro or Daniel Day-Lewis, but no one mentions Charlize Theron. This Aussie is easily one of the most radiant women on the face of this planet, but she turned that upside down as the serial killer prostitute in her 2004 turn as Alieen Wuornos. It takes a special kind of actress to gain 30 pounds of fat and dawn some fake teeth and be okay with it, but Theron never flinched and managed to nap the Best-Actress Oscar that year. She has also been in Hancock and was the real star in Mad Max: Fury Road where she shaved off all her hair in the process.

2. Julianne Moore: This woman is 55 with a spirit and face of a 25 year old. She is not only beautiful inside and out, but she is the whole package no matter what film she is in. Whether she is giving Joseph Gordon-Levit porn as a gift in Don Jon or making our hearts break in her award winning turn as Alice Howland in Still Alice, she has the versatility and skills to on par with any great performer whether male or female. She’s the feisty red-head we tend to love and that’s why she is number two.

1. Cate Blanchet: If there is a woman that personifies old Hollywood and new Hollywood, it is the great Cate Blanchet. She is two-time Oscar winner with a track record of being a show stealer no matter who she plays. She’s regal, statuesque, and commands your complete attention. She is a name we all know, but don’t mention enough as one of the greatest actors arguably of all time. She has been in huge films like The Lord of the Rings and has become queens and Shakespearean beauties more than once, but she is also the only actor or actress to win an Academy Award portraying another Academy Award winning actor or actress, she’s that good.


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