We loved Mad Max: Fury Road and it’s a shame it got bitched slapped at the box office by Pitch Perfect 2, but we can all agree that the direction of George Miller’s film was one of the many strong suits of the film. It’s because of this man’s eye for film-making that at the age of 70 that he is so widely coveted, particularly by Warner Bros.

Awhile back it was rumored Miller would likely have been the guy for a Man of Steel 2, but those have since been denied by Miller himself, and once Guillermo del Toro admitted that Justice League Dark was on the back burner, Miller’s name came up once again.

The latest news from Warner Bros. has been the start up of the often rumored live-action Akira film that once had Leonardo DiCaprio heavily involved whether as the star or the producer or both, but now sources are claiming the director turned down the directing job for Akira to focus on a less special effects heavy film.

What this lower budget film is that Miller wants to work on is still a mystery, but he was also stated as saying he has ideas for two more Mad Max movies in the future.

I can’t say I’m happy or sad because Fury Road was arguably my favorite film of this year, but I also would love to see Miller’s skills go to something like a large property like in the DC Extended Universe or otherwise. Of course, 8 months of shooting on a film like Mad Max has to be a huge stress for anyone on set and we can’t fault him for wanting to do something much smaller.

Let me know in the comments what you would want Miller to direct as his next movie and like me on Facebook under Travis Gunn! 


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